who we are

Outreach was formed in 2008, on the firm belief that we will go beyond the conventional in all we do. reaching out to our customers, helping them cross limits to new terrain, and in the process achieving new levels of success. we encourage synergies with professionals delivering direct cost effective results for our customers.

we have a wide range of specialists, professionals and would involve external consultants when required. outreach is a gateway to the complex world of marketing communications in the uae. in our minds, being an independent player represents a key factor in successfully developing and providing the most innovative services to our customers. we are not limited by time, yet deadline oriented. and go the extra mile on any project to ensure the final result is met. the company has a single corporate goal - to go beyond!"

once you work with us, i am sure you will enjoy the experience.

pierre pereira (ceo)

mission & vision

"our vision is to be trend-setting and innovative in our approach by creating marketing experiences with a passion for quality".

"our mission is to deliver superior professional services, design and quality, underpinned by excellent customer service".

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being at outreach

go behind the scenes at our offices and meet the people that deliver for our clients everyday


pierre pereira

chief executive officer

mitchelle d'souza

executive director

leslie almeida

sales director

  • steve

    accounts manager-outdoor

    Joanna Lee
  • shahab sayed

    creative designer

    Mitchelle Pereira
  • krystina chernyavska

    accounts manager-outdoor

    Leslie Almeida
  • to me, working at outreach means working in a great team of a cosmopolitan environment.

  • at outreach, we take every opportunity to be creative and work alongside with great people who inspire me

  • working at outreach means to me forging new paths learning, researching, trying new things and keeping clients satisfied.

  • anas mohammed

    sales coordinator

    Joanna Lee
  • mohammed

    account manager-publication

    Mitchelle Pereira
  • mary arellano


    Leslie Almeida
  • being part of outreach means being part of an exceptional team where everyone works as one unit.

  • working at outreach means working with the most imaginative problem solvers in the industry

  • outreach is a unique experience where you can encounter and deal with various situations everyday augmenting your skills, knowledge, experiences and total being.

  • raj das

    account manager-outdoor

    Joanna Lee
  • outreach is different the best thing is to win the client's respect and working with this responsibility. the best thing is to see a smile on the faces of team and client alike and still wanting to strive for more the next time.

  • for me, being at outreach means the chance to work with a super talented team of thinkers and designers to help provide client satisfaction every time.

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